Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't Forget to Slow Down

I’m no Scrooge. Far from it.

I’m a present shaking, Christmas music listening, holiday baking, 38-year-old wanna-be elf.

But even my twinkle light loving self has to admit that a part of me looks at the December calendar with more dread than delight.

There’s just so much to do! And so little of me to do it.

Which is why I have to slow down.

Yep. You read that right.

I didn’t say I needed a clone (which I do) or a housekeeper (yes, please!).

I need to slow down because God is going to keep throwing this idea in my face until I get it. He’s been really pushy about it for the past week.

It started while I was chatting with a friend. We were commiserating about how busy we both are and as we talked, I glanced at my Facebook page. Yes, that’s right. Now, don’t look like that. You know you do it to. It’s called multi-tasking and we’ve already established the fact that I’m very busy. :-)

Anyway, there, right smack in the middle of the page was the following post from Lysa TerKeurst.

Spending some time getting quiet this morning can really be the best remedy for tangled situations. Taking a step back from all the emotion, frustration, and exhaustion to sit quietly with Jesus will do more to untangle a mess than anything else I’ve ever found.

I read it to Sara and we were both struck by the truth in her words . . . and the harsh reality that neither of us had time to do what she was suggesting.

Then, on Sunday, our pastor stomped all over my busy little life when he reminded us that we do make time for what is a priority, and that nothing should be a bigger priority than time in the Word.

I had already made the connection that God was getting all up in my busyness when my four-year-old raced out of the church doors and ten feet later crashed in spectacular fashion. As he cried, I scooped him up and carried him to the van. When he calmed down I asked him what happened.

His response?

“I forgot to slow down!”

Out of the mouths of babes. All I could do was shake my head and say, “OK, Lord. Point made.”

So as the holiday season spins out in front of us, I’d like to challenge you with this.

Don’t forget to slow down.

Slow down long enough to read the book of Luke. Or John. (Or both!)

Slow down long enough to relish the Joy that is ours because a virgin conceived, and bore a son, and called His name Emmanuel.

Slow down long enough to remember the first tree and the the Ultimate Gift that hung on it.

Slow down long enough to revel in the love the God of the Universe has lavished on you.

This really is the best time of the year…let’s slow down long enough to enjoy it!

Now it’s your turn: How do you plan to slow down?

Grace and peace,


Vonda Skelton said...

Lynn, I think the Lord is giving a lot of us the same message: Slow down! I know it intellectually, I feel it physically and want it emotionally. But I'm having a little trouble in the applicability of it!

It's one of those things I know, but just can't stop long enough to apply. Which absolutely means I need to stop long enough to apply it!

Thanks for ANOTHER reminder!

Recovering Church Lady said...

This used to be God's message to me every year as I faced a crowded calendar and wondered how to do it all. Not so much now.
We are empty nesters whose married kids live out of state. Recently our 3 best friend couples moved away and our ministry job is over for now. So....a busy calendar sounds really good to me today. Ha! We are silly people huh? I am trying to embrace the idea of a quiet holiday, a whole new adjustment.
Blessings on your christmas and continue to send the message to young families, they need to enjoy the crazy while stopping to slow down and take it in.:)

Ellen Andersen said...

Well put, Lynn. And at the perfect time of the year. Slowing down at the holidays, slowing down long enough to hear and follow God's voice. It's hard, but important for us all.