Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Prayer

I have a confession.

Sometimes, I read a book so fast the first time through, that as soon as I’m done, I need to re-read it.


Because I have the patience of a gnat? Possibly.

Mainly because I am so engrossed in the story, so engaged by the characters, so entranced by the plot . . . that I HAVE to know how it ends. As soon as possible.

I have never read the last page first. That’s cheating.

But speed-reading is perfectly acceptable.

And I can read fast. Very fast.

So I zip through the book, heart racing, chewing off one nail at a time, barely stopping for food, until, at last, I reach the end and all my questions have been answered.

Or have they?

Because often, in my rush, I miss stuff.

Which is why I have to go back and re-read at a slower pace. I savor each word and examine each plotline and I enjoy the journey.

Because I know how it ends.

I think sometimes I live my life this way. I can’t enjoy the moment because I’m trying to figure out how it’s all going to work out. How it’s going to end.

I can’t relax into motherhood because I’m thinking five, ten, twenty years ahead. I can’t enjoy the writing process because I’m wondering about publication. I can’t enjoy the Season because I have so much to do by Saturday!

All that, combined with my own pregnancy, has had me thinking a lot about Mary.

She knew, far better than we, the consequences of accepting God’s will for her life. When the angel said “You’ll conceive and bear a son” she knew the gossip, the looks, the potential stoning, that would follow.

But beyond that, she didn’t have a clue. She didn’t know she’d watch Him grow and then someday watch Him die.

Her response to the angel?

Be it unto me, according to thy word.

My guess is that this response is the reason Mary was chosen.

And it does make me wonder.

How many things do I miss out on because I don’t respond the same way?

I analyze . . . ok . . . over-analyze. I think . . . ok . . . over-think.

But how often do I accept?

Not often enough.

My Christmas prayer this year?

That I can say “Be it unto me, according to Thy word.”

And mean it.

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Beth K. Fortune said...

Love this Lynn. I can so relate to pushing through quickly just to get to the end. I will be joining you in this prayer.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Living in the moment! So many things have happened to get us to this place. So many things will happen to take us beyond this place. Yet, it is the moment that defines us. We will never have this moment again. We prepare things to be just right, and when the "moment" comes, how do we treat it? We save so many things to remind us of the "moment," but was it really like we try to remember it? The older I get, the more I learn that no matter how hard we work to prepare the dinner, it is while we are eating with loved ones that defines the success. Slow down, enjoy the moment. The joy, the love, the blessing of just being there is worth all the pushing it took to get there. Every step you take to push toward the end, is a moment to enjoy! Bless you as you push toward a New Year.