Friday, February 3, 2017

Hidden Legacy Cover Reveal!

Just wanted to pop in here to share the latest writing news...

My June release has a cover!

Readers of Covert Justice know Caroline as Blake Harrison's younger sister, and many have been asking for her story. I can't wait for new readers to meet Caroline Harrison and her long-lost best friend (and not-so-secret high school crush), Detective Jason Drake.

Here's the back cover blurb:

Arriving home with the baby she's adopting, Caroline Harrison finds her house vandalized…and an intruder intent on shooting her. She's saved when police sirens approach, but all signs point to the little boy as the true target—and the assailant won't give up. Now she has to rely on Detective Jason Drake, the man who once broke her heart, to figure out why someone's after her soon-to-be adoptive son. Reunited after thirteen years apart, Jason can't help but hope their love might be rekindled, but Caroline and her son's safety come first. Because if he wants a chance at a future—and a family—with them, they have to outrun a hit man.

So....What do you think? 

Hidden Legacy will hit store shelves in June, but opportunities to win free copies will start popping up as early as April. And all the major online retailers already have it up for preorder. 

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