Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days :: Day 15 ~ Blessings?

I've always loved music.

One of my favorite ways to worship is to be completely alone (which these days, is beyond rare), sit down at the piano, and play hymns while I warble out some dreadful alto and let the ancient words echo to the heavens in adoration.

But since I've started writing, I have a whole new appreciation for song writers - both the hymn writers and the modern poets who speak truth and then set it to music. It so often touches a place in our souls that I am convinced longs to join with angels in heavenly praise.

As we wrap up our focus on renewing our minds with truth, I give you this video. Laura Story has taken a hard truth, wrapped it in a haunting melody, and re-wired our thinking about how we define blessing.

Is it possible that even in hardship, God is pouring blessings into our lives . . . if only we could see the truth?

Listen, and be renewed.


Rachel Lundy said...


I agree that sometimes blessings come in disguise. God can take the biggest hurt and the rawest of pain and use it for great good. There is blessing that can only be found in times of suffering.

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

Thanks Rachel - I love your blog. Your joy is inspiring. And you clearly know about the blessing found in suffering which makes your 31 day topic even more amazing to me! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!