Friday, May 16, 2014

Haunted by Charity Tinnin

I know things have been a little, okay, a LOT, quiet around here lately, but there’s a great reason.

I’m writing.


I entered a contest in February and made it into the third round! So that means that my laptop has been fired up and my fingers have been flying, but it’s all been for contest submissions. It’s been quite a journey so far and I’ve got a lot of devotion ideas out of it, but for now, know that I would really appreciate your prayers over the next couple of weeks.

But I am taking a little break from novel writing to share with you three books for your summer reading list.

The first is for all you YA/NA/Dystopian fans. I know you’re out there because we’ve all been talking about going to see Catching Fire and Divergent (and all five Twilight movies…Don’t deny it. I know you went on opening weekend because I saw you there).


If you’re looking for your next read, you need to pick up Haunted by Charity Tinnin. There is fantastic world building here and a story that had an ending I was NOT expecting. 

And the characters…Noah State (or is it Sefore?) is a man who expects to be dead by the age of twenty-one, but he’s determined to save as many lives as he can before it finally catches up to him. One of the lives he’s trying to save is that of Maddison James. She’s smart, tough, and not about to put up with any junk from Noah. Then there’s Daniel State, Noah’s older brother. He’s the bad boy that you know you should despise, but, but, but…you kind of don’t.

Did I mention that it had an ending I wasn’t prepared for? You know how sometimes you read a book and you know exactly how it will end by the end of Chapter 1? Not gonna happen with Haunted.

And when it was all over…it was, but it wasn’t. I walked around for several days worried about these characters, wondering how it would all work out.
Which leads me to my only complaint about Haunted…I have to wait until October for Hunted, the 2nd book in the State vs. Sefore series.
And if you need any further incentive, you can pick up the Kindle version of Haunted for just $2.99. It's a steal! Grab it now!
My next post will be a review of a great romantic suspense book...stay tuned!