Joy Dare 2012 ~ 1000 Gifts

Welcome to the Joy Dare 2012!  Here's to a year of intentional Joy!

January 2012
Jan 1 - Three things about yourself you are grateful for: I love to read; I'm lousy at holding a grudge; I can run all day on five hours of sleep.
Jan 2 - A gift outside, inside, on a plate: My back deck; my basement; huge salads
Jan 3 - Three lines you overheard that were graces: I'm sorry; I love you Mommy (from Emma!); Are you OK (from James)
Jan 4 - One gift old, new, and blue: My laptop; my new purse; my new tumbler
Jan 5 - Something you're reading, you're making, you're seeing: Reason for God by Tim Keller; Scrapbooks for my family; photos of loved ones - living examples of grace
Jan 6 - One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart: Tiny tennis shoes for Drew (how did they get there!); ice cold water; compassion for a fallen soldier's family
Jan 7 - Three graces from people you love: Help with the housework; coos from the crib; giggles from the playroom
Jan 8 - Light that caught you, a reflection that surprised you, a shadow that fell lovely: the light through the rain; a shadow across the bedroom floor at twilight; the candle reflected in the stove top
Jan 9 - A gift in your hand, a gift you walked by, a gift you sat with: my pen; friends watching the game; friends at the table, reconnecting and anticipating what God will reveal in the coming months
Jan 10 - A gift that's sour, a gift that's sweet, a gift that's Just. Right.: Sour Patch Kids, Sea Salt Soiree by Ghiradelli; lunch with my sister
Jan 11 - Three yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy: A waiting room dotted with precious gifts; a fat moon beaming; heavy equipment in a construction zone generating squeals of delight from James
Jan 12 - Something above you, something below you, something beside you:Kids sleeping sound; kids playing loud; kids reading sweet
Jan 13 - Three sounds you hear: Remote control car inspired giggles; soft snores; warm greetings
Jan 14 - Three ways you glimpsed the startling grace of God: a massage gifted; medication to relieve pain; WiFi to access praise
Jan 15 - One thing you wore, one thing you gave away, one thing you shared: comfy pajamas; scrapbook goodies; Coca-cola cake
Jan 16 - Three ways you witnessed happiness today: Sweet baby Ava; grandchildren delighting in seeing their Grandma; siblings cuddling with their new baby sister
Jan 17 - One gift that made you laugh, one gift that made you pray, one gift that made you quiet: James hunting his bouncy ball; Emma struggling through her morning routine; Rocking with Drew
Jan 18 - Three gifts from God's Word: I will never leave you or forsake you; He is faithful to forgive; See - I am doing a great work!
Jan 19 - A grace in the kitchen, a grace in the weather, a grace that might never have been: My Keurig - coffee & tea at a touch; sunshine bright on a cold day; Drew's heartbeat
Jan 20 - Three gifts you saw only when you got close-up: Fresh baby smell, tiny toes, spider webs
Jan 21 - One thing in the sky, on thing from your memory, on thing that's ugly-beautiful: The moon, a lesson in mercy, my ugly chair
Jan 22 - One grace wrinkled, on grace smoothed, one grace unfolded: Piles of laundry; a worried child calmed; a thank you note
Jan 23 - Three gifts found in Christ: Grace; Mercy; Peace
Jan 24 - Three things blue: My gratitude journal, Drew's eyes, my Tervis tumbler found
Jan 25 - One grace borrowed, one grace found, one grace inherited: A good book; a lost toy; the love of a good book in hardback (thanks Dad!)
Jan 26 - A gift before 9AM, gift before noon, a gift after dark: Help on a sick day; Sleep to make up for what was lost in the night; takeout
Jan 27 - Three gifts that might never have been: An unexpected friend; our beautiful home; my husband
Jan 28 - Three graces found in your friends: Kindness to take our class when sickness keeps us home; offers of food and grocery runs; encouragement to keep writing
Jan 29 - A song heard, a soft word, where you saw light: Never Once (Matt Redman); I love you mom; day breaking
Jan 30 - Three old things seen new: My van; my childhood comforter tucked around my sick toddler; Isaiah 26:3-4~ You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.
Jan 31 - A gift found on a paper, in a person, in a picture: Emma's handwriting, Brian's faithfulness to his family, "keep calm and count on"

February 2012
Feb 1 - A gift found at 11:30, 2:30, 6:30: Cold coke, naptime, Brian home just in time
Feb 2 - 3 things overheard today, all gifts: Thank you, thank you, thank you
Feb 3 - 3 gifts found in writing: Encouragement from friends, inspiration, entertainment
Feb 4 - 3 gifts found when bent down: Strength to clean, fresh towels in a basket, bubbles in the tub
Feb 5 - one gift stitched, one hammered, one woven: Favorite pajamas, my hope chest, the trampoline set up for the kids
Feb 6 - 3 gifts found outside: Children, returned to health, giggling in the yard; Fresh, unseasonably warm air; Cheeky squirrels
Feb 7 - 3 gifts red: Jennifer, two dozen roses; ketchup
Feb 8 - a gift broken, fixed, thrifted: the heart of a friend - tender & open; wi-fi; clothes to a child who needs them
Feb 9 - 3 gifts that were surprises - unexpected grace!: Dinner out; a full night of sleep; a long chat with a friend
Feb 10 - 3 times you heard laughter today: Emma, James, Drew - off and on - all day!
Feb 11 - 3 gifts found in working: fresh ideas; new insights; opportunities to extend grace
Feb 12 - 3 hard eucharisteos: a life too short; laundry piled too high; a house still ours
Feb 13 - 3 gifts found behind a door: my ugly chair; a favorite treat; a lost toy
Feb 14 - 3 ways you feel the love of God: a soft breeze; a pricked heart; therefore, there is now no condemnation
Feb 15 - a gift in losing something, finding something, making something: a few pounds, a yummy recipe; a precious memory
Feb 16 - 3 gifts in shadows: a gas grill; a porch swing; a quite spot to read & reflect
Feb 17 - 3 gifts found giving/serving: the hug of a child; a thank you from a parent; rest after a full day
Feb 18 - 3 gifts on paper: birthday cards in the mail; coupons to a favorite store; a much loved book
Feb 19 - 3 gifts that were Plan Bs: a long talk with a friend; a fixed internet (that I didn't even know was broken); shopping (unexpected and needed)
Feb 20 - a gift at breakfast, lunch, dinner: crisp bacon; fresh salad; laughter long
Feb 21 - 3 gifts white: bleached, clean sheets; Greek yogurt; a blank page
Feb 22 - 3 gifts that changed today: Emma; NICU teams; ventilators (Happy 9th Birthday Emma!)
Feb 23 - a gift of tin, of glass, of wood: a fun bowl; a vase full of flowers; the back deck
Feb 24 - 3 gifts before 11 AM: Drew's birth; Epidurals; Family to watch Emma & James (Happy 1st Birthday Drew!)
Feb 25 - a gift nearly worn out, new, made-do: old dolls salvaged; birthday presents; a pinata stomped & shaken
Feb 26 - 3 gifts seen as reflections: James in a puddle; Emma playing in front of the mirror; a sweet spirit
Feb 27 - 3 ugly-beautiful gifts: a house messy from a weekend full of joy; laundry waiting - put aside for more important things; trash overflowing - a testament to abundance
Feb 28 - 3 gifts from the past that help you trust the future: my wedding band; my engagement ring; my ring Brian brought home to me from Paris
Feb 29 - a gift dull, a gift shimmering, a gift cleaned: the routine of taking Emma to therapy - so thankful for how it helps her; porch lights shimmering on a rain soaked deck; a house that has quickly become our home

Mar 1 - 3 gifts @ 3pm: a little bit more time to reflect; shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, back deck - and on March 1st!; piercing confirmation from the Lord from an unexpected source
Mar 2 - 3 gifts green: bright red berries in a fun green bowl; daffodil shoots; a kitchen painted fresh
Mar 3 - 3 gifts wore: thick socks; favorite jeans; cozy sweater
Mar 4 - 3 gifts hard to give thanks for: piles of laundry; sticky handprints on walls; toys to trip over in the night
Mar 5 - 3 gifts found: my favorite pen; a new favorite author; k-cups on clearance
Mar 6 - a gift bent, a gift broken, a gift beautiful: hangers for clothing in abundance; Ritz crackers broken in pieces to keep Drew happy; Emma's smile
Mar 7 - 3 gifts in the kitchen: Food enjoyed; forgiveness asked & given; medicine to ease an ache
Mar 8 - 3 gifts loud: Emma in the morning; house full of children; birdsong as spring nears
Mar 9 - 3 gifts carved: a delicious chicken; my name on His hand; His promises on my heart
Mar 10 - 3 gifts in Christ: grace, mercy, shalom
Mar 11 - 3 gifts read: an email full of encouragement; a fun book; the story of Esther
Mar 12 - a gift in wind, in water, in white: geese flying high; a steaming hot shower; cream for my coffee
Mar 13 - 3 gifts round: Scotch eggs; fresh contacts; Drew's serious, big, blue eyes
Mar 14 - 3 gifts found in silence: my 3 babies sleeping
Mar 15 - 3 gifts given away: time, energy, rest
Mar 16 - 3 hard eucharisteos: sore muscles from a workout; conviction of sin; trying circumstances (but God is so near)
Mar 17 - a gift turned, a gift folded, a gift hung: Emma as we dance in the kitchen; fluffy towels; a new mirror
Mar 18 - 3 gifts red: Jennifer; Drew's gums sprouting baby teeth; watermelon
Mar 19 - 3 gifts eaten: breakfast casserole; a perfectly crisp apple; chocolate
Mar 20 - 3 gifts that made you laugh: Emma saying, "I like to mix, mix, mix"; James's belly laugh; Drew bouncing in his crib
Mar 21 -  a gift  salty, a gift sweet, a gift just right: kale chips; strawberries; an unexpected free afternoon
Mar 22 - 3 gifts found in His word: I am kept in peace; I am forgiven; I am accepted
Mar 23 - 3 gifts found in women today: Compassion; shared joys; wise council
Mar 24 - 3 gifts spoken: "you stay here & read'; "i love you"; "i'm sorry"
Mar 25 - a gift sung, a gift written, a gift painted: My Jesus, I love Thee; The end to a blog post - finally just right; Emma's purple walls
Mar 26 - 3 gifts almost gone:My creamer; pansies, barely holding on after winter; Drew's toothless grin
Mar 27 - 3 gifts redeemed: Me - redeemed by the blood; a busy day ended in giggles; a hard time now seen with thankful eyes
Mar 28 - 3 gifts entwined: Emma's arms around my neck; Drew's laughter as he squeezes James; Brian's heart & mine
Mar 29 - 3 gifts of His promises: That God is my El Roi; He's Jehovah Jireh - He will provide; That God so loved...that He gave
Mar 30 - 3 gifts uncovered: a hard truth; babies hiding under blankets; a missing box in an unexpected place
Mar 31 - a gift heard, a gift held, a gift hoped for: the right song at the right time; memories made; reconciliation

Apr 1 - 3 gifts round: cookies; crackers; cheerios (all used to calm Drew!)
Apr 2 - 3 gifts white: fluffy biscuits; blossoms on the dogwoods; foam on my coffee
Apr 3 - 3 gifts surprisingly found: grace poured out; hope when things feel hopeless; peace in a turbulent time
Apr 4 - 3 gifts in His Word: Casting all your cares upon Him for He cares for you; Fear not!; The Lord is my light and my salvation
Apr 5 - 3 gifts at 11AM, 2PM, 6PM:  The view from our balcony at Pisgah Inn; Short lines at the ticket counter @ Biltmore; Going home
Apr 6 - 3 gifts nailed together: The cross & Jesus; the walls we call home; shelves made by my daddy
Apr 7 - 3 gifts waited for: the resurrection; good news; answered prayer
Apr 8 - 3 gifts rising up: the sun every morning; the kids - so early and so ready to take on the day; the money raised for CityLights!!
Apr 9 - a gift hiding, held, heard: a buyer for our house (they have to be out there somewhere!); cuddling with Emma; comfort from a friend
Apr 10 - 3 gifts opened up:  a new book; a hurting heart; the grill
Apr 11 - 3 gifts budding/blooming: roses, hydrangea, rhododendron
Apr 12 - 3 gifts worn: a handknit dishcloth worn through; an old rag - perfect for cleaning up a mess;
Apr 13 - 3 gifts bright: our friend's future family - complete with a little boy still in Africa; sunshine through the windows; yellow pansies
Apr 14 - 3 gifts found in looking up: trees in full bloom; so many stars twinkling; ceiling fans to stir the air
Apr 15 - a gift in a bag, in a box, in a book: a pacifier at the bottom of the diaper bag!; Emma's favorite cookies; fresh ideas to dazzle my littles with grace
Apr 16 - 3 hard eucharisteos: waiting; refining; trials
Apr 17 - 3 gifts woven together: ideas becoming a plot; words becoming a story; peace weaving itself to my soul
Apr 18 - 3 gifts inherited: my blue eyes, now reflected in Drew; Brian's brown eyes, now reflected in Emma and James; the desire to tell a good story, passed down through generations
Apr 19 - 3 gifts square: :-) post it notes; American cheese; brownies
Apr 20 - a gift stacked, stashed, stilled: clean clothes; dark chocolate; my frazzled nerves now stilled and refreshed
Apr 21 - 3 gifts found in Christ: hope, gentleness from our Savior who understands; never ending - never stingy grace
Apr 22 - 3 gifts close: Brian's arm around me as we worship together; tears of gratitude for the price of my redemption; The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Apr 23 - 3 gifts reflecting: my computer screen, my iPod, my phone (how did we ever manage w/o them!)
Apr 24 - 3 gifts fragile: The Limoges box Brian brought me from France; my children's hearts; wedding china
Apr 25 - a gift cloth, steel, wood: a new shirt; no one hurt when the bolt broke; the swing still in one piece
Apr 26 - 3 gifts moving: Drew cruising around, pushing coffee tables and dining room chairs; friend's adoption process; Aslan - oh yes - He IS on the move!!
Apr 27 - 3 gifts "ugly beautiful": piles of laundry; toys strewn all over; the mess made cooking a favorite meal
Apr 28 - 3 gifts orange: Clementines; carrots (dipped in homemade ranch); Clemson Tigers :-)
Apr 29 - 3 gifts in dirt: James (evidence of hard play!); roses blooming; pansies shriveled - a sure sign that spring is blending in to summer
Apr 30 - a gift given, made, sacrificed: a note of encouragement; lunches for all; time (when I wanted to relax)


May 1 - 3 gifts tasted: breakfast casserole; pistachios; bananas
May 2 - 3 gifts flat: a soft bed; my Bible; the TV (such a fun way to relax!)
May 3 - 3 gifts found in difficult people: practice in holding my tongue; continual reminders to pray; grace abundant to show love in the midst of rejection
May 4 - 3 gifts before 9AM: time in my ugly chair; a phone call from a friend with fresh insight from the Lord; sticky, smiling faces around my table smelling sweetly of syrup
May 5 - A gift in a sign, a smile, a snack: the stomach bug arriving BEFORE they left for the show (a sure sign to come home); the smile of my babies when they got home; saltines that stayed down
May 6 - 3 gifts found in Christ: faithfulness; abundant life; mercy
May 7 - 3 gifts about your home: the view from my bedroom window; the squishy soft carpet upstairs; the people I share it with
May 8 - 3 gifts inside a closet: medicine needed; clean, ironed clothes; a lost shoe
May 9 - 3 gifts found in the dark: new shoes; time to breathe; sleep to rejuvenate and restore
May 10 - A gift outside, inside, upside down: Hanging out at the zoo with Emma; Emma's excitement as she toured the reptile house; my crazy day - survived!
May 11 - 3 gifts about your parents: their willingness-and desire-to help with the kids; dad's joy in helping James build a car; Mom's delight as Emma danced
May 12 - 3 gifts held in hand today: Baby Aidyn's hand; Mom's hand as we asked the blessing; Emma's hand as she traipsed all over Granny's yard
May 13 - 3 gifts found in your mother: compassion, toughness; creativity
May 14 - A gift picked up, put away, put back: toys in abundance; seasonal decorations; black shoes back on the shelf (so glad because I found the perfect one's the next day!)
May 15 - 3 gifts about you: a body strong enough to get through the day; being organized enough to juggle multiple responsibilities; being goofy enough to dance with my kids
May 16 - 3 gifts found in His Word:
May 17 - A gift in a box, a bag, a book:
May 18 - 3 gifts unexpected:
May 19 - 3 gifts from your childhood:
May 20 - A gift sweet, sour, salty:
May 21 - 3 gifts found in little people:
May 22 - 3 gifts that made you laugh:
May 23 - 3 gifts found in community:
May 24 - A gift in a plate, pot, package
May 25 - 3 gifts hard giving thanks for:
May 26 - A gift worn, white, whispered:
May 27 - 3 gifts found in church:
May 28 - 3 gifts in today's work:
May 29 - A gift at 8AM, 12PM, 8PM:
May 30 - 3 gifts blue:
May 31 - 3 gifts you gave today