Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Midnight Moment

Just a quick note to thank you, my approximately 10 readers, for praying for me as I edit/re-write. I would appreciate it if you could add something to your prayers.

I need moments of insight and flashes of creative genious, but really, it would help if they could come at some time other than midnight. Two out of the past three nights I've had "ah-ha" moments when I'm trying to relax and turn my brain off so I can sleep.

And then, I'm so afraid I won't remember it in the morning, I have to come in here and turn on the computer and try to get it all out of my brain so I don't lose it in my sleep.

I'm exhausted.

But, your prayers are working. Keep 'em coming! My first chapter is now a prologue and tonight, I figured out how to work some of the old first chapter into what was Chapter 3 (now Chapter 2). So I'm feeling better about my character development. I just wish this particular flash had come 3 hours ago.

I really hope I don't think of anything else in the next 10 minutes. :-)

And I really, really hope this blog post actually makes sense when I read it in the morning!