Saturday, September 1, 2012

Currents :: September 1st

Books: I stayed up until midnight last night reading Love’s Reckoning by Laura Frantz. I am now officially a fan. If you like historical fiction, this needs to go on your to-be-read list. Check back next week for my official review.

Family: My calendar has FIVE firsts next week.
  1. James’s 1st day of K-3. He was annoyed with me last week because I wouldn’t leave him when we met the teacher. Not expecting him to shed a tear come Tuesday. He’s so much like me it’s scary.
  2. James and Emma’s first night of Cubbies. I’m thrilled about this and so thankful to be a part of a fellowship of believers who are excited about making Cubbies an option for Emma!
  3. Drew’s 1st day of mom’s morning out. I might be sad on Thursday, but right now, I’m giddy with anticipation. A whole 4 hours to myself—somebody pinch me!
  4. Emma’s 1st day of gymnastics. I’m hoping she’ll love it. Her RTS-sister, the adorable AnnaKate, has been going for a year and it’s one of her favorite activities.
  5. James’s 1st soccer game. This is going to be fun. At his first practice, he was more interested in running off the field to get a swig of Gatorade than he was about playing. But I’m not sure if there’s anything cuter than him running around in his soccer shorts, cleats, and shin guards.
TV: Watching college football in HD is awesome.

Scripture: We just started a new series in Jonah on Sunday mornings, so I’ve been reading the book every day for the past week or so. Amazing what you start to see with some repetition. (And seriously, have you read Jonah lately…that last verse? I’m really looking forward to our pastor explaining that one!)

Wonders: Turns out, I like cauliflower and cabbage. Who knew?

Weirdness: I saw a sign on the side of the road offering business loans from $5K - $5Million. Seriously? Has anyone in the history of EVER actually taken out a $5,000,000 loan from a business that advertises in the weeds off of I-385? (I almost called, but I didn’t want them to have my number. I might call from a pay phone…if I can find one.)

May your weekend be filled with wonders and weirdness (and may the Clemson Tigers win!)

Grace and peace,


Susie said...

Cauliflower and cabbage? seriously!
I'd love to see Emma and James when they get their little blue vests!
Sounds like you have a busy week. Enjoy your 4 hours on Thursday.

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

It is a bit of a shock. Who knows what's next? Okra? Black-eyed peas? I tried oysters recently - still hate them. And the smell of sweet potatoes still turns my stomach, so some things haven't changed!

Cathy Baker said...

Lots of fun firsts happening over at the Blackburn house! Hope all goes well. :)

Go Tigers!