Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why There's No New Post Today

I had a blog post *almost* ready to go for today.
But I got distracted.


Can you blame me?

Sometimes, the best thing this mommy can do is step away from the computer and go outside to play! (Even if it's been raining and the new-to-us playset is sitting in mud and everyone needs a bath when they come back inside). :-)
The first swing, the first slide, the first smiles...those are moments not to be missed.
Grace and peace,


Susie said...

That is a great post! Hooray!

Debra Koontz Traverso said...

Love it. I want to come play too.

Ellen Andersen said...

How fun for all of you! And what are bathtubs and showers for, if not to wash off the mud from all the fun you've had!

Cathy Baker said...

So true, Lynn! Their smiles say it all. :)