Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tired of Perfect Moms? Me, too.

I’ve had so many conversations with friends recently about how tired we are of perfect moms. You know who I’m talking about. If Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are any judge, they never have anything go wrong. Their kids never drive them crazy or make a mess or say a bad word. Ever.

I try to be honest about my life—the good, the bad, and the ugly—here at Out of the Boat, but I leave a lot out. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I want to share with you a few of the things I did NOT blog about in the very crazy month of June.

I did not blog about the morning I was trying to be one of those supermoms who has an abnormally high tolerance for messes. The type who can watch their children soak through their clothing and everything in a twenty foot radius without breaking out in hives. I allowed my boys to play with their new water cannons on the back porch and when this deteriorated into the youngest stripping naked, I rolled with it.

I may have been feeling smug about how cool I was and how this was the kind of memory my children would take into adulthood. Until the morning air was pierced by a howl from James and I came around the corner just as a fresh pile of poop hit the deck, courtesy of the naked two-year-old. So, yeah. I decided not to blog about the next fifteen minutes. They weren’t my finest quarter hour. (Cannot tell you how relieved I was that there were NO witnesses).

Then there was the Sunday lunch debacle. The one where James asked for a cookie and I declined to purchase one. So a few minutes later when he was back asking if he could have some cookie, I not only said “No” but I gave him a lecture on repeatedly asking me for things. Unfortunately, I realized a few moments later that a sweet friend had been offering to share half of his cookie with James, and because James was trying to obedient, he had been asking for permission to have the cookie his friend was willing to share with him.
I felt like dirt. (Yes, there were witnesses).

Oh…there was also the afternoon I opened Drew’s door after his nap and discovered that he’d stripped out of his clothes (hmmm, there does seem to be a trend here) and peed through the crib slats into the floor. I seriously need to potty train that boy!

There’s more, but I think you get the idea!

How about you? Have you had some “not-so-perfect” moments you’d like to share? Come on. Spill it. What kind of craziness has been going on at your house? 

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Kristi Butler said...

Oh my friend, we're on the same wavelength. Your post was way more entertaining than mine though! Oh no!! I just compared mine to yours and could have ventured into LessThanLand. Let's don't!! :)

Love, hugs, and cheers for your Mommy-hood!! You're doing great!

Beth said...

wouldn't it be so great if everyone posted pics and shared stories of meltdowns and mishaps so that we could all say, ahhh me too instead of feeling inadequate and comparing. thats why im so thankful for friends like you where we can live real life and witness the craziness!

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

@Kristi - Post the link here so we can read it! I love it when I'm on the same page with others! Yeah for not comparing and always cheering each other on!

@Beth - :-) Have you seen the "nailed it" posts on Pinterest? Where people post their Pinterest fails? I love those!! I'm so thankful to get to do real life with you, too!!

Sandra said...

Trying hard not to fall off my chair laughing!!(THNTFOMCL) Got it?!