Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Want a Magic Bullet

Ronie Kendig, Missy Tippens, Lynette Eason, Ginny Aiken

I want a magic bullet.

Somewhere there’s a book, a routine, maybe a diet, or even an outfit. Somewhere, there’s one thing I’m missing and when I find it, my publishing dreams will come true!


In my quest for the elixir of publishing success, I had a rare opportunity to do some extensive research. I got to hang out with four published authors as they wrote, brainstormed, and it must be said, consumed copious amounts of coffee and loaded grits.

I tried to act cool about it. (Heavy emphasis on the word act, because I’ve never been cool in my entire life). But secretly, I was watching. Surely over the space of several days, one of them would slip up and reveal the source of their publishing power. 

Since it's the first Thursday of the month, I'm guest posting over at The Write Conversation. Head on over there for the rest of the story!

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