Saturday, June 17, 2017

The First Blank Page

I'm starting a new book today. 

Oh, I've been working on it for weeks, but today is the first time I'm taking the ideas and brainstorming and plots and characters and putting them on the page.

Today, I'm turning these characters loose and letting them come alive - and hanging on for the ride they will take me on. 

Everyone approaches their writing a little bit differently. No writer has exactly the same method as another. For me, staring at the very first blank page is humbling. And terrifying. 

So before I put a word on the screen, I offered all of it up to the One I write for. I recommitted myself, my words, my stories, and my characters to Him. I asked Him to use all of it - every word - for His Glory and to fulfill His purposes. 

I prayed for my readers, my publisher, my editors, my brainstorming buddies, and my sources. I prayed for endurance and focus and I asked for an outpouring of creativity from the Creator. 

And now, I ask you, to join me. Every stage of a book has it's own issues, but for a recovering perfectionist like me, the beginning is fraught with challenges. Would you pray specifically over the next couple of weeks that a solid foundation will be laid for this story? 

In addition, there is a very difficult topic at the heart of this book. The research I've done and continue to do is hard. I covet your prayers as I dig deep into a very real and present evil in our communities. There are things you can't "un-know" and whether this story changes anyone else, writing it absolutely will change me. I pray it does. 

This book is due in early December which means I want to finish it by the end of September so I have a couple of months to do the revisions before it goes to my editor. So when I'm not running kids to camps and swimming pools and football fields, I'll be working on this story. What are your plans for this summer? How can I pray for you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. 

Grace & peace,


Marcia Chadwick Moston said...

You are one of my ideas of Wonder Woman. A book by the end of September...Three kids and a husband... Prayers indeed, And yes, for the topic you are tackling.

Unknown said...

Lynn, Thank you so much for posting this. I am gathering my thoughts and staring at my own blank page, praying the same prayers, as I take a deep breath and type the opening sentence to my next book. Your thoughts resonated with me. Each word is to God's glory and purpose. I will be praying for you. And if you think to add me to your list, I'd love those same prayers whispered to God about the words being written on paper down here in Texas. Many blessings to you! Deborah Clack (I got to sit with you at BRMCWC this year for lunch one day.) : )

Cathy Baker said...

I will most definitely pray for you, as well as for the characters who are itching to make themselves known on the page. I thank the Lord for the ways He is blessing the work of your hands, Lynn.

Praying for you too, Deborah. :)

Unknown said...

I'll be praying for tons of inspiration as you figure out the big picture and all the little details. For you to stay ahead schedule-wise and feel very good about the amount of time you have to write and revise. For your book to deepen the spiritual lives of your readers. For you to have enough time to do other things in your life that are important.
I'm going on a mission trip this summer (next week!) but after that, I'll be resting in the AC and writing.

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

Deborah - I remember you! :) Thank you so much for your prayers. I will definitely be praying for you as well!
Cathy - Thank you!! You are a treasure! Praying for your new projects!
Lauren - Oh, I love how you mentioned time to do other important things. So desperately needed! Thank you! Praying for you as you minister to others and for your words to flow when you return!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Lynn!
and Thank you, Cathy!
I was blessed to be a part of these comments this week and am excited to get to pray for each of you (Lauren I got to meet you at BRMCWC, too). I love how God did that. Much love to each of you.