Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mama . . . Mama . . . Mama . . .

Right now, my 15 month old son’s favorite word is “mama”. This thrills me in a way I find difficult to describe. My daughter was born with a rare genetic syndrome and speech has been an elusive and hard-fought skill. I didn’t hear “mama” from her until she was 3. While other mothers bemoan the frequency with which they hear “mama” during the day, I marvel at intricacies, the thousands of brain functions that all have to happen just right in my son’s brain, in order for me to hear those sounds. I revel in the miracle of speech.

So, when my little man says mama . . . mama . . . mama . . . mama . . . mama, I answer “yes” every time. We are hardly to the point of having a conversation, but I want him to know, even now, that when he calls to me, I will answer him. Most of the time, he doesn’t need anything. He’s just checking in. He simply wants to be reassured of my presence, of my nearness. Of my readiness to step in when life get overwhelming.

And just now, as I said yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . in response, I wondered. I wondered about my Abba, Father. I wondered if maybe He was wishing I would call out to him more frequently. If, just maybe, He also revels in the miracle of speech. Particularly when one of His creation calls to Him. And I wondered if He longs to hear me call to Him, not only when I need something, but just to check in. Just to say Hi. Just for the reassurance of His presence, His nearness. Of His Everlasting Arms, eternally ready to hold me when life gets overwhelming.

Abba . . . Abba . . . Abba . . .

And in my spirit, I hear Him answer – Yes!