Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guest Blogs and Giveaways!

So, it's Tuesday.

Not Monday.

I could tell you that I planned it this way and just skip over the fact that I enjoyed, spent, wasted most of the day yesterday as I searched through box after box for the missing Wii games.

(Which were eventually found right where I left them eight months ago. Since, apparently, while the movers unpacked a trash can and put the trash in a box, they did not feel inclined to unpack that drawer and instead, moved it and all of it's contents in place. But I digress.)

And, just so you know, watching James squeal with delight and fall to the floor whenever his Mii got knocked down in Wii Boxing - made it all worthwhile.

But now it's Tuesday. And the timing couldn't be better because this week is all about guest blogs and giveaways!

First, the guest blogs. It is my privilege and delight to be guest blogging twice this week on the blogs of two of my favorite people, Vonda Skelton and Edie Melson. I told you about them earlier this month and I am still gobsmacked that they are brave enough to turn me loose on their readers.

Today, I'm over at The Christian Writer's Den, the newly revamped blog of Vonda Skelton. Please come by and say hello. The post is written for writers, but if you use your imagination (and don't tell me you don't have one just because you aren't a writer), I think you'll find a little application for your own life.

Thursday - and please don't panic about this - but Thursday is DECEMBER 1st. (Breathe. There's plenty of time. Okay, I feel better now.) And since it's the first Thursday of the month, it's time for my monthly review over at Edie Melson's The Write Conversation. I'll be talking about the holidays, family dysfunction dynamics, and birth order and how we can put this crazy time of year to good use in our novels. (Or, how we can discover new and exciting ways to torture our characters, but the other way sounds kinder (or is it more kind), doesn't it?)

And this week, is my very first blog giveaway. I'm insanely excited about this because Christmas makes me smile. And I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite!

The very nice people over at Baker Publishing offered to give one of my readers a My Favorite Bible. Free. No strings attached. I'm sure there's a little in your life (or perhaps, the parent of a little) who would love this. It would make a fantastic gift or, if your home is inhabited, occupied, overtaken by tiny people, a lovely addition to your bookshelf.

Here's the blurb...

With the vibrant illustrations and engaging text in this Bible storybook, you can enjoy sharing the best-loved stories of the Bible with the children in your life and encourage a life-long love for the Word of God. My Favorite Bible is a book of exciting Bible stories and activity pages that guide children through the foundational truths of Scripture.

Each story is fully illustrated and includes a simple narrative full of things kids love: repetition, rhythm, and energy, along with a key biblical theme, a key Bible verse, and discussion questions to help adults introduce children to the Bible.

The colorful illustrations will capture the imaginations of children ages 4–8, and the stories will help adults to pass along the most important truth in life—the Gospel. Families will cherish this time as they read, listen, learn, and love, growing closer to one another even as they grow closer to God.

So, here's how you enter. Leave me a comment (here, not on Facebook, and you have to leave a name because I can't give a book to "anonymous"!) between now and Friday, December 2, and tell me which Bible story is your favorite. (And if your answer is "Jesus" or "God" I'm going to know your account has been hacked by a five-year-old who wants this book!)

Over the weekend, I will choose a comment at random and will announce the winner here on Monday! Then the lovely folks at Baker will put your very own copy of My Favorite Bible in the mail. So easy. Why are you still reading? Start commenting people!


Tom Threadgill said...

Jesus. God. No? My wife and I used to teach Pre-K Sunday School and we always joked that they only knew four answers to any question we asked: Jesus, God, the Bible, or pray.

Favorite Bible story? How to choose? I suppose it's the story of Joseph. Love how he kept his faith, and God used him.

Keep writing!

Sandra said...

Joseph forgiving his nasty brothers...so awesome.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn, I bounced over to your blog after reading Vonda's! Excellent!!! It's my hope that one day it will be ME!!!:) MY favorite Bible story is Joseph... and No I did not copy Tom's answer. I planned to put him before I read his comment;)!
I love the story b/c of his faithfulness to God even through all his trials. Have a wonderful week! Cindy Patterson

Vicki said...

Hi there - love your blogs! Hmm..favorite Bible story...tough. I guess I'll go with Peter and denying Christ 3 times because even though he screwed up really bad, Jesus forgave him and loved him anyway. Always a great reminder when I screw up (really bad). :)

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

Tom, Sandra, & Cindy - Joseph is high on my list, too! Vicki - Peter is my favorite disciple for the same reason!!

Susie said...

My favorite is the story of Mephibosheth, Jonathan's crippled son. David seeks him out and brings him to eat at the King's table. Just like God did for us: crippled by sin, but allowed to partake of God's grace!

Vonda Skelton said...

Lynn, what a joy to have you at The Christian Writer's Den yesterday! I absolutely love your voice!

And thanks for sharing the site with your readers. I'm honored that you'd do that. :-)

Don't count me in the contest, but one of my favorite stories is the woman at the well. I love how she--the lowest of the low--ran back to her town and said, "Let me tell you about a man..." and the Bible says that many in her town were saved.

If the lowest of the low could proclaim His Name and make a difference in eternity, it gives us hope that we all can.

We just have to proclaim it!

Love you, sweet, funny friend!

Keiki Hendrix said...

Great giveaway Lynn. You don't need to add me to the list of entries. Just wanted to stop by. Tweeted it as well.

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

Mom - I love that!
Vonda - Thank you for the opportunity! "We just have to proclaim it" - so true!!
Keiki -Thanks! :-)