Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankfulness in the middle of a no good, very bad day

We spent all of October focused on renewing our minds. Then we've spent the past several weeks considering thankfulness.

Have you noticed how crucial a thankful heart is to renewing your mind?

I have. I'm living it. Right now.

I'm having the kind of day that has, on occasion, turned me into a grouchy, short-tempered mama. And by "on occasion" I mean "usually."

I woke up this morning and called the pediatrician for what turned out to be a double ear infection and a perforated ear drum. I felt the sarcastic voice of condemnation that talks to me at moments like this. The one that says, "Way to go, mom of the year. Bet you feel bad about letting him cry at 2:30 this morning, don't ya?"

But instead of allowing that jerk to get the better of me, I chose to be thankful for the nudge that sent me to the doctor. And for the pediatrician who is a good friend and assured me that this is not a reflection of my mothering prowess. And for the antibiotics that will speed relief to my little man.

We left the doctor and went to check on our house. The house we still own. The one we moved out of eight months ago. The one that doesn't seem to want to belong to anyone else.

Sometimes the financial and mental drag of this house is depressing. But today, I remembered all the things that led to us buying our new home, the great things about our old home, and the God who owns both.

I chose to be thankful for His provision instead of griping about His timing.

Then Drew started fussing. And James started begging for something to drink. Already on shaky mom of the year ground, I realized I had walked out of the house for a morning full of appointments and errands with no sippy cup. So we hit McDonalds and ordered a Sprite for him and unsweetened tea for me.

They gave me sweet tea.

Okay. This one wasn't that hard to be thankful for. I drank it with a smile on our way to the final stop of the morning.

Now, I know this will come as a shock, as you're all thinking I am the most "with it" mom ever, but I had managed to run out of baby wipes. I have three in diapers. Running out of wipes is not acceptable. And a quick glance this morning had revealed another problem.

I was almost out of diapers.

In all three sizes.

You know it's bad when the twenty-something year old girls checking you out Wal-mart start looking at each other, and then at you, with wide-eyed, sympathetic glances. The cashier finally stated the obvious, "You've got your hands full."

Ya think?

I purchased Size 2, Size 5, Size 5 Overnight, Size 4T-5T Pullups, and the biggest box of wipes they sell. I almost passed out when they gave me the total.

As I walked to the car, that sarcastic voice started again. "This is some life you've got here." And you know what? For the first time, the voice was right.

This is some life.

It's not the life I expected. It's not always the life I want. But it's the life God has given me. I can stay ticked off about the drama, or I can be thankful for the gifts of grace He pours all over me.

I came home and spent an hour outside with James. We chased falling leaves, hunted for acorns, and soaked up some sun.

Then he told me he didn't want to wear diapers anymore.

One more thing to be thankful for!

(I hope I can remember this in about an hour when I'm washing wet Spiderman undies . . . )


Are you counting? I am!


Tom Threadgill said...

Enjoyed this very much! Sometimes it's hard to be thankful in the midst of life's business, but the Lord knows what He's doing! Conveniently my verse today was Jeremiah 29:11. God bless!

JeanetteEdgar said...

Love this post! I can't tell you how many times I heard "You've got your hands full." You've also got arms full of hugs and cheeks full of kisses. Raising those kids to the glory of God is the grandest, not the easiest, but the grandest!

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

Tom - I'm glad you stopped by. Your blog is a hoot!
Jeanette - Thanks for the encouragement!

Cynthia Howerter said...

What memories this article brought back to me, Lynn! My husband used to tell me - and now I tell you - the day will come when you truly miss all of this. He was so right!