Monday, November 14, 2011

You have to look if you want to see

I wasn't expecting a God-moment as I drove to get my hair cut last week. The kids were in the back of the van, and for once, I wasn't running late. It was just a normal day. I was doing normal things.

And then it happened.

But I almost missed it. The splash of color in my peripheral vision enticed me to glance up and to the left as I crested a hill. Spread before me like a tapestry was a glimpse of splendor. Trees arrayed in riotous colors, showing off for their Creator. And they called me to worship right along with them.

I rarely travel that stretch and when I do, I'm almost always in a hurry. Probably on my cell phone. Or maybe singing along with the kids to a Veggie Tales CD.

I had never noticed that for a few brief moments as you travel Haywood Road, there's a view worth savoring.

It's been there all along. But I hadn't seen it.

The same is true of the gifts God has graced us with. And it's one of the reasons taking the time to write them down can be life changing.

They've been there all along.

But you have to look if you want to see.

I'm home with sick littles today and my list reflects this.

27. The slower pace of sick days
28. Healthy children whose sniffles are nuisances but not life threatening
29. Tylenol and Motrin
30. Emma saying, "I wanna snuggle"

What's on your list today? I'd love to hear about the gifts you see in your life!


Cathy Baker said...

Great post, Lynn. I guess it's no surprise that at the top of my list today is our granddaughter, Piper, born last night. Oh, the miracle of a newborn baby!