Saturday, October 20, 2012


Books: Finished The Meaning of Marriage by Tim and Kathy Keller. This should be required reading for everyone—single, dating, married—doesn’t matter. Amazing Biblical insights. (Available through the Greenville County Library system…just sayin’).

Writing: I terrorized a mall full of children this week. I’m not sure what I think of myself right now! (Disclaimer: No real children were frightened in the creation of this plot line.)

Family: My dad has been here this week building my bookshelves! He’s awesome!

Home: The bookshelves! Finally, my books can be released from their cardboard box prisons and breathe the free air again!

Food: My husband recently obtained a charcoal grill. Our gas grill may never be used again. The chicken he fixed earlier this week was A.MAZ.ING!

TV: I know politics matter. I have very strong opinions on the subject of who our next president should be. But I cannot bear to watch the debates. I try, but after a few minutes I find myself wanting to throw things at the screen.

Wonders: Are you familiar with the wonder that is the Monkey Hook? These things will change your life. No screws, no half-inch size holes in your dry wall. No hammers or drills. Just a tiny bit of pressure, a little twist, and you’ve hung a picture. No wall is safe from me now!

Weirdness: Um, see Wonders! :-)

May your weekend be filled with wonders and weirdness!
Grace and peace,


kwidder_smith said...

Lynn, I have never commented before but always enjoy reading your posts- we met at the Cincinnati RTS conference a few years ago. Anyway, I just have to agree that Monkey hooks are one of the best inventions ever! (and I feel the same way about the debates, too...) :-)

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

:-) Hi! Thanks for reading the blot and taking the time to comment!!! Are we friends on Facebook (I'm Lynn Huggins Blackburn on FB)? I love keeping up with our RTS family! And I love that you love the monkey hooks. I'm smitten! :-)

Unknown said...

Those bookshelves are amazing and beautiful! Going to have to check out Money Hooks. I want to be more courageous hanging things and not always have to wait for hub.

Kay Overman said...

Lynn, Your dad did a wonderful job on those bookshelves. They look great, but he always does great work no matter what he is doing. Keep up all the great writing.

kwidder_smith said...

Nope, I'm not on of the last holdouts!! Am on pinterest and instagram though- kwidder_smith