Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prayers for Addie Reese

I had something else planned for today, but it can wait.

Today, I would like to ask you to take the time you would normally spend reading this post to pray for Addie Reese and her family.

Addie Reese is the 7-year-old daughter of my friend Alexis. She fell from a tree on Saturday and cracked her skull. So far, all the scans have been promising, and she has spoken and even tried to sit up, but she has still not fully wakened. Whenever they back off of the sedation, she's in so much pain they have to give her something that knocks her back out.

My mother's heart is broken for my friend. I cannot imagine a harder path to walk than one that leaves you watching your own child suffer.

So please join me in praying for pain relief and full healing for Addie Reese. For comfort and a strong sense of God's presence for Alexis and Nick and the entire family. And for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and nurses caring for Addie Reese.

Abba - I do not understand. But I know that You do. I know that You have experienced the agony of watching a child suffer and I know that You alone have the power to comfort, to speak peace to their hearts, to ease Addie Reese's pain, to give clarity and insight to the physicians and nurses, and to bring something beautiful out of this. I do not understand, but I trust You.


Cathy Baker said...

Oh, Lynn -- my heart breaks too. I'm lifting she and her family up in prayer right now. Please keep us updated. Thank you for sharing...

Vonda Skelton said...

Lynn, my mama's heart breaks for this precious little girl. Praise God we know the Great Physician and can call out to Him!