Friday, October 12, 2012

When A Heart Stops

When A Heart Stops
Book 2 in the Deadly Reunions Series

Back in May of 2011, I reviewed Too Close to Home by Lynette Eason. It was the first in the 3-book Women of Justice series and all three were excellent. Then, I eagerly read When the Smoke Clears—the first book in Lynette’s new Deadly Reunions series—as soon as it became available. (You can read my review here).
So you can imagine how excited I was when I realized that the second book in the series, When A Heart Stops, is about Serena Hopkins. You see, I met Serena back in Lynette’s first series and I love it when a secondary character winds up having a story of their own.
And Serena’s story will have your heart racing. From page one.
In her job as medical examiner, Serena Hopkins sees death on a daily basis. But when former classmates start turning up dead, it becomes clear that someone is sending a message. And that she may be next.
FBI Agent Dominic Allen has known Serena since she was a little girl playing with his sister (Alexia from When the Smoke Clears). But Serena is all grown up and Dominic would love to get to know her better. Before he can see if there's a chance for them to be more than friends, he’s going to have to find the serial killer who plans to make her the next victim.
Lynette ratcheted up the shiver factor for this one! The opening pages are intense and the serial killer is a long way past creepy.
When The Smoke Clears
Book 1 in the Deadly Reunions Series
As I’ve come to expect from Lynette, the story never ends quite the way I think it will. I had a pretty good idea who the bad guy was…but there was a twist!
Now, one word of warning. The Deadly Reunions series has a continuing suspense thread that has not been resolved. This doesn't bother me one bit! I love it when a series answers most of my questions and leaves me hanging...just a little!
But, If you haven’t read When the Smoke Clears, it will be tricky to follow the nuances of the plot in When A Heart Stops. If you have read When the Smoke Clears, you might want to take five minutes to refresh your memory about the key players and the drama that surrounds Alexia, Serena, and Jillian.
Then, turn on all the lights, lock all the doors, and dive into When A Heart Stops. You'll be glad you did. And you'll be just like me...anxiously waiting for Book 3!
Special Note:
For those of you who live in the Greenville, SC area—Lynette will be signing copies of When A Heart Stops at the Lifeway store on Haywood Rd. Saturday, October 20th from 1-3pm. You won’t want to miss it!
The super fine print: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not obligated to provide a positive review. All opinions are my own.


Cathy Baker said...

When A Heart Stops sounds like a book I'd love to read (with all the lights on, of course!) I'll begin with the first book in the series and go from there.

We'll be out of town on the 20th but I'd certainly be there otherwise. Thanks for the heads up!

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

:-) You'll love it! I hope you have a great trip, Cathy.