Monday, June 4, 2012

Blessed to Call Him Mine

Sometimes, when a follower of Christ answers the call to come out of the boat and walk a new path, the people they've been doing life with are more hindrance than help.

Instead of cheering, they chide.
Instead of rooting, they rebuke.
Instead of praying, they pout.

And far too often, the resistance comes from those closest. The very people who should understand, don't. Spouses gripe. Parents worry. Friends question.

I know this happens. A lot.

But not to me.

When I started writing a book a few years ago, I had four chapters done when I mustered the courage to print them out and ask for my husband's opinion.

He's been my biggest fan ever since.

All that summer, he'd ask me how the book was coming. It was often this question that drove me to sit back down in front of the computer and press on, even when I thought I'd lost my mind to consider writing a book.

When I typed "The End" it was Brian who declared it a success. And Brian who thought it should be published. It was Brian who encouraged me to take a writing class. Brian who said "yes" to me attending my first (and second) writing conference. Brian who never questions me when I say, "I need to write".

It's Brian who listens when I complain, whine, ok, cry over poor contest scores, blog posts that no one responds to, and rejections from agents and editors. And it's Brian who reminds me from time to time, often, that he's certain God had a purpose for me writing that book and that God's plans for my writing are still unfolding.

It's Brian who encourages me to keep stepping out in faith, even when I'm exhausted from fighting the wind and waves of doubt and fear.

So, if you've ever been encouraged by anything I've ever written, you should know that there's a man in my life who cheers, roots, and prays for me. A man who is out of the boat with me.
A man I am blessed to call mine.
Happy 40th Birthday Brian! I love you!


Are you taking the JoyDare with me? My personal journal has over 700 grace gifts listed since November 2011. I'm a little behind in updating the blog link (what with a writers conference and a 40th birthday party weekend to enjoy!) but I'd love for you to join me.

I'm so thankful...
  • For my husband of almost 15 years who gets me, even when I don't get myself.
  • For family and friends who celebrated with us.
  • For the way earthly joys awaken that place in our hearts created for eternity and leave us longing for the time when we will all be more death, no more tears, no more loved ones missing from the party.
  • For mist dancing at dawn on a quiet lake.
  • For birds, bullfrogs, and bugs letting me listen in on their morning song to our Creator.

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Jamie Britt said...

Oh Lynn, this made me cry because I don't have family who are that supportive of me and my writing. Thank God that even though I don't have their support, I have ladies in my life who cheer me on even when I feel like quitting! Love you!

Anonymous said...

From another writer - way to go Brian. keep encouraging her. We need it - and keep writing.
Off to a writers' conference in one week. So excited to go again. It is the highlight of the year.

DebraKoontzTraverso said...

Wow, that was lovely Lynn. What a wonderful posting. You indeed are blessed and talented, my sweet friend. And happy birthday to hubbie!

Marney McNall said...

Hi Lynn,

So wonderful that you have a husband who "gets it". I, too, have a husband like supportive and an incredible blessing. Thanks for reminding me of it, for at times, it's too easy to get caught up in all the writing ups-and-downs and take for granted that support. But a husband's support is a true blessing from God.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful time on your husband's 40th! Sounds like a great man to celebrate.

Susie said...

You are indeed most blessed!

Cathy Baker said...

What a blessing, Lynn! "My" Brian is also my biggest cheerleader. I'm glad you all had a nice birthday weekend. :)

Lynn Huggins Blackburn said...

Jamie - I'm so sorry. Praying for you!
Jan - Thanks for stopping by! What conference are you headed to?
Deb- Thanks! I passed along your birthday greetings!
Marney & Cathy - Aren't we blessed to have such great support! Thanks for sharing.
Mom - I sure am :-). Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
I am heading to Write!Canada that runs from this coming Thursday until Saturday. My books haven't arrived but I am okay with that.
learning peace in every situation.