Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Ridge Tuesday

Random things I am loving about my conference experience.

My room has no TV.

So far I've eaten meals with Steven James, Angela Hunt, Deb Raney, Vonda Skelton, and Karen Schurrer (an editor).

My room has a radio that came equipped to play music from my mp3 player.

The coffee shop here serves Starbucks.

The vending machine on my floor takes credit cards.

I've known at least one person in every class I've attended.

The worship time is phenomenal.

Everyone is friendly and supportive.

The food has been great - far better than I expected in a cafeteria setting.

If you happen to find yourself walking beside faculty members, they talk to you. As if they are just normal people and not bestselling authors :-).

My room has wireless access so I can type this in my pajamas.

Good night!


Anonymous said...

Can I come live there? JLH

Story and Logic Media Group said...

That is why this was my third trip. I got hooked three years ago!